Octane Finance

Token Usage

Octane token will be used for the following reasons:
1) APY Generated APY generated on the limit order assets is given to the user in the form of OCTANE tokens.
2) Pay Trading Fees Users can get up to 50% discount while paying trading fees using the OCTANE token.
3) Executor Rewards Trading fees paid by the user are given to the network of executors in from of OCTANE tokens for executing the limit order.
4) Governance OCTANE holders will be responsible for governing the Octane Protocol, which includes adjusting executor policies, choosing new token pairs to support, improving governance itself, and more. This will be after the launch of governance vaults that will allow community members to stake their OCTANE Tokens to decide on key governance decisions.
OCTANE tokens will be purchased/owned by the users placing limit orders to get trading discounts and the protocol to convert APY generated into OCTANE tokens to distribute back to the user.